Friday, May 7, 2010

The run(s)

(One of the hardest parts of blogging is coming up with short and entertaining titles that grab your attention. How did I doo? :-D )

This morning I went for what I would consider my first real run of any substantial distance (e.g., more than 100 yards). I took the advice from an Active.com article I just happened to fish out of my junk mail last night...so this morning, I left my Garmin on the table, laced up the Newtons and headed out the front door to what I expected to be a pitiful excuse for a run given my last feeble attempts.

As I took off, I concentrated on letting my foot hit the ground naturally, ignoring the lugs on the bottom of the shoe. Think, good form. Before I knew it, I was down at the end of the road where I had previously gritted my teeth in defeat (and pain). Only this time, it felt good. I wasn't over-striding. I wasn't running on my toes. More importantly, there was no pain in my feet.

I was mid-striking. Hot damn.

So, I turned around and ran back to the house thinking the same thoughts. Good form. Good form.

(Did I just pass my house?)

Before I knew it, I had made 6 laps around our neighborhood (about 1/2 mile). I really wanted to do more but I resisted (60 mi bike ride tomorrow in the early AM).

It just feels good. I love the run(s)

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