Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspiring while perspiring

One of the things that I love about taking on things that I know I have no business trying is that inevitably, people around you see what kind of effort you're putting into your commitment and it starts to rub off. The power of a positive attitude is ridiculously contagious...

Case #1: Everyone at my PT rehab place is well aware of my November goal. They ask every time - "How far did you ride this time?" or, "How many total miles did you put in this week?" Humbly, I share my achievements and they often shake their head and stare back at me like I just recited every line from The Goonies (in a Sloth voice of course). Over the weeks however, the conversation has shifted - it's no longer, "Hey Trev how far did you go?" It's, "Hey Trev, I biked 5 miles this weekend" or "My husband and I bought bikes this weekend". They've become empowered to make a change and try something they probably thought they couldn't.

...and that's just cool. When people are empowered and get a little confidence, anything is possible.

Case #2: It is the largest rift in our household - I am a morning person. Always have been, always will. My wife on the other hand, would "rather go through childbirth again, than get up before 7 am". So when she asked me to get her up at 6:45 am yesterday I cocked my head to one side and wondered where my real wife went. Now I can't honestly say that she's been inspired by me, but I have shared that it's very peaceful and cool in the morning compared the the heat and fatigue she often encounters trying to exercise in the afternoon.

...aside from the fact that she's running (oh, did I mention she's not a runner either?), it's doubly cool that she is empowered enough to take control of her schedule and fitness by grabbing some time during a part of the day that is total mystery to her :)

If you've ever wondered whether your actions and attitude make a difference - believe me, they do.

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