Monday, April 26, 2010

Triathlon gear

If you're in any kind of organized sport, you know that the gear you use makes a big difference in how you feel and perform. The same goes for triathlons - so when I find gear that I really like, I do my best to get the word out so that others can hopefully, find the same level of success that I have.

First, props to TriSports.com - hands down my favorite online destination for running, cycling or swimming gear of any kind. They have a great price-match policy and have a fantastic selection of just about anything.

My first piece of (new) gear are the Endurance Aero Tri short by 2XU. If you're not familiar, a tri-short is just like bike shorts except with a thinner chamois. I've had other tri-shorts in the past but I have to tell you that they pale in comparison to this short. I took these out on my long ride yesterday (50 miles) and they exceeded my expectations. I loved how they breathed - never did they get too hot or did I get too sweaty. The chamois, which is not cloth like previous shorts, stayed in placed and did not rub. The best thing about these in my opinion is that they don't bunch up near the top of the leg/crotch. The entire short stayed put and did not 'creep'.

The second product I tried for the first time on Sunday was Perpetuem - a product by Hammer Nutrition. I've been using Heed for the past year or so but all my buddies who have done an Ironman told me that I need to stock up and start using Perpetuem for long rides/runs. I'm not going to spend time on the science or why it's 'good for you' compared to say, Gatorade, but let me tell you...this stuff worked great. A few things I noticed:
  1. It kept me nourished without having any solid food
  2. It wasn't chalky or have a funny taste (I tried the latte flavor)
  3. It has caffeine
A whole bike bottle got me through 3 hours on the bike (well, that and my new shorts!).

So overall a great ride and some new products that I'm really looking forward to using throughout the race season. I hope you check them out to see if they help you as well.

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  1. Don't just go and spend everything on one top-of-the-line tri-bike. Sure it will do what you want it to, but so will a lot of other, cheaper, bikes. Who cares if the bike may not look sexier than a Ferrari. If it gets the job done, that's all you really need.

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