Monday, April 19, 2010

Long ride Friday

Normally, I do my long rides on Sunday but this was a particularly busy weekend so I opted to take off early Friday morning (early = 4:30 am) to get in my long ride for the week.

Nothing fancy - just a loop around Gilbert in the wee hours of the morning amidst the dairy farm methane that permeates everything. Thankfully I had borrowed a lamp from a buddy of mine so I could see in some of the more rural areas where there: (A) was no bike lane and (B) was no light.

The light gave out about 45 minutes into the ride but by then the sun was coming up and I had cruised through the rural farm land and into the civilized world of street lights and curbs.

I averaged 18.4 miles an hour for the ride and just a smidge under 40 miles. I felt relaxed and fresh for most of the ride as well which is a good sign considering I haven't logged that many miles in one sitting for a while.

Even better news was that I was pretty good for the rest of the day. Sure I might have dozed off for 5-10 minutes at some point in the day but hey it's Friday and my boss was gone :)

Back to the normal schedule this week. Going to try and push upwards of 110 miles on the bike this week. 20 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and then 50 miles on Sunday.

Oh and by the way. I got my new shoes. They're bright ass yellow. They're cool. And they're mine. Can't wait to try them out. Review to come soon.

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