Thursday, April 15, 2010

All tingly inside

Don't think less of me because I get excited by a new pair of running shoes.

On some level, every triathlete is a gear-head and will drool like a Pavlovian dog at the sight of a new Garmin GPS or carbon wheel set. I am no different - and that's...OK.

It so happened last week that this awesome sale at TriSports.com coincided with the realization that my feet were on the mend (BTW, at this very moment they are virtually pain-free). I had already tried them on the week before but had mentally put them on the back burner because (a) I wasn't planning to run for another month and (b) it's tough to justify spending that much on a pair of shoes (at least for me).

Egh, who am I kidding. I bought 'em.

Newton running shoes are supposed to be one of the best shoes around for training you how to run more mid-strike, rather than heel-strike. For you non-runners, mid-strike running is when the ball of your foot strikes the ground first, rather than the heel. Anatomically, it's how we all (supposedly) run bare-footed. It reduces the surface area of your foot that strikes the ground resulting in a faster turn-over, less opportunity to supenate or pronate along with removing the impact to your heel (the leading cause of plantar faciitis).

Like a good consumer, I've read all the reviews. And just like anything else, there are positive reviews and some negative. I'm focused on the positive right now because I'm hopeful that it will prevent my foot pain from coming back. And if it helps me improve some of my times, well, that's great too.

So like the big kid I am, I occasionally catch myself hoping that every UPS truck that drives by is going to stop in front of my house and deliver my new shoes. Soon enough though, I will be mid-striking to my hearts content. I just hope that somewhere between the 112 mile bike ride and 26.3 mile run of my Ironman, I will still have that tingly feeling inside.

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