Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking for inspiration

I am having a very hard time finding my motivation lately. I'm not sure it is or was that caused this sudden drought of emotion and enthusiasm. They say that triathlons are a lifestyle, not just a milestone...I'm finding it difficult to find a lifestyle that I feel comfortable with these days.

I've done very little pushing of myself over the last month - I know that I'm capable of so many things yet I either don't have the energy, the schedule is off or I'm able to make up any other excuse I can find.

I'm struggling to find myself these days - why do I work out so hard? Why do I need to run an extra mile? Who is going to know if I skip a morning run?

I think I'm going to write down a few things to help me focus my energy. Things that help me remember why I signed up for these races - why I choose to run, bike and swim constantly...I need that reminder of what's important, what is just fun and what will make me happy.

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