Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy, unmotivated week

It's been a tough week to get motivated. Aside from not having a very good training outline, it's been cold and rainy they entire week. I freely admit that I'm a fair-weather athlete these days - it has to be at least 65 before I even consider riding or running.

Aside from the weather, I feel like I'm in this rebuilding stage - yet it's a bit more work than I remember it being when I was first training for my first 70.3. Amazing the stamina and endurance you lose in 6 months time.

Part of my rebuilding involves learning to swim better. I've been reading (and following) the Total Immersion book - it has completely changed my perception of swimming and makes it easy to see the many things I've been doing wrong with my swim technique.
Before, I was using all muscle and force to power through swims - my mind set on doing a distance no matter what the technique or pain. This book 'resets' your mind to realize that power and shear force is NOT the way to swim efficiently. I have yet to put enough drills and practices together to actually swim with these techniques but I can already tell that my attitude towards swimming has changed and I'm sure this effort will pay off.

I looked back at my training schedule last year when I first started - it's blotchy too. Missed morning swims, X'ed out afternoon runs and shortened rides...I don't feel bad (yet). I know my body and mind are slowly making the adjustment to all this effort. In time, I'll be back to racing form...in time.

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