Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going better

Training has been on the upswing this week, which is good. I have made peace with this thing called patience. Knowing how fit I was 6 months ago, I really want to achieve that level again - perhaps more quickly than my body will let me. I've resolved to take my time, focus on technique during this build period and then build up the endurance.

The swimming has been progressing - though it's been almost 3 weeks since I've actually swam laps, I've been progressing on the Total Immersion drills and feel very comfortable with the first couple. These eventually turn into swimming so I have resolved to exercise patience when it comes to rebuilding my swim stroke.

I've had a hard time getting on the bike lately though - it's still too dark and 'cold' in the morning. The afternoons are packed with meetings or picking up the kids...perhaps a spin class is in order?

Either way, I'm happy with my progress this week. I'm trying hard not to count hours or get pissed if I choose to sleep in a bit one day a week. Fitness is hard work and I have learned to appreciate what my body is telling me - if it's tired, I listen. Pushing over the limits only gets you sick or breaks you down.

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