Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of training

As I suspected, this first day of training has made me a bit sore. I ran a couple miles this morning - keeping the pace slow (9:45) and concentrating on an even stride and good form. It felt good in the cool crisp air, but by mile 1.5 I could feel my lungs starting to long for additional oxygen.

I also took a bike ride this afternoon to try and work some of the lactic acid out of my legs. I haven't been focused so much on distance yet but rather just getting my body used to being on the bike again - surprising how it hurts the butt, shoulders and triceps just riding a bike.

Anyway, the ride felt good - kept a 19.4 mph average pace. I've stretched tonight, iced my feet and and starting to pack things up for the morning swim. Man, I'm tired.

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