Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starting off the year

I've been looking forward to starting off this 2010 training season. I've been practically dormant for the last 5-6 months nursing my feet back to health trying to rid myself of the plantar faciitis that has plagued me for 2 years. After a new pair of orthodics, stretching and no running I actually feel 98% healed (that 2% is pure mental)

I know that I'm starting from scratch this year but that's OK. I feel pretty good (minus the extra weight) knowing what it takes to get back in shape and do the mileage. Mentally I'm ready to begin this year of training.

The weather is a tad bit chilly here in Gilbert, AZ right now but it's the perfect time to start building my base cycling and running.

My tentative race schedule for 2010 includes:

  • Tempe International Tri (Olympic distance)
  • Bismarck Tri (Olympic distance)*
  • Lake Stevens, WA 70.3 (August)
  • Branson, MO 70.3 (September)
  • Arizona Ironman (November)
* The Bismarck Tri is a race I will do with my dad. I will write about that later...

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