Thursday, February 5, 2015

A very late 2014 recap

I was lamenting to a co-worker yesterday about how my (non)running sucks right now because I'm still stuck in the walking boot. We talked about all kinds of things...our longest running streak, races and other fun running-related things. But then she asked me what my running statistics were for 2014. I honestly didn't know.

These are normally statistics I pull together at the end of each year but because I was in a cast and likely wallowing in my own self-pity, I never got around to looking back to appreciate everything I'd done in 2014.

The home course - San Tan Regional Park
By most measures, it was a great year.
  • Ran 100 miles raising over $41,000 for Tony (and ALS)
  • 100 segment PR's (according to Strava)
  • A 211-day run streak (of 1-mile or more)
  • 100km PR (by 5 hours)
  • 10km PR
  • Paced 2 friends to their 1st 100 mi finishes

Miles1,575 mi1,613 mi2,003 mi*
# of runs166137290
Time275.5327.5 hrs352 hrs
Elevation Gain    77,600 ft       141,397 ft146,016 ft

Those are some great looking numbers I must say! And just think if I'd been able to run *October through December.

Clearly, streak-running is not for me. I can appreciate the discipline it creates and the forcing function it drives into your daily routine but it is just too hard on the body. I enjoy running a lot, but rest is an equally important part of training (at least, that's what I've decided).

Channeling my inner-Billy Blanks
I'm looking forward to running - absolutely. But I'm also looking forward to trying some new things...Crossfit? Cycling? Swimming? Tae-Bo? Not really sure...but something that gives me some relief from running and helps round out my total fitness.

My focus will be on quality miles, training for races and not doing anything stupid out on the trails. It's been known to happen :)


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