Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time for Better Nutrition

Deep down every runner is really motivated by the food, drink or chocolate.

Runner's high? Bullshit.
Bucket list? Maybe.
Prerace carb-loading and post-race beers?! SIGN ME UP!

I freely admit I'm guilty of running for other reasons - particularly food. It justifies the additional piece of cake or the trip to Red Robin on the weekends. But throughout my running career, I've been satisfied with being 'fit enough' and not really concerned about a couple extra pounds (or belt loops).

Going into the next couple races however, I've committed to try a nutrition system that promotes whole body improvements. Weight loss is a benefit of course but the gist is that the body rids itself of all the toxins we might normally take in with our food, our environment and occasional over-indulgences. I'm excited and worried at the same time...what if this stuff doesn't work and I end up tanking at my race on 9/27?

It's a 30-day trial so what could go wrong right? Maybe lose a little weight? Maybe build more lean muscle? I can't imagine these are bad things by any stretch...

I'm on Day 2 and so far, I don't feel bad but I don't feel overly amped up like huge changes are happening to my body. I did feel like I slept better last night though. I feel like I've lost weight already too. I haven't weighed myself but the fit of my shorts tells me that either my ass is shrinking or somehow I swapped clothes with Fat Albert. Hey hey hey...

My overall concern is just being able to fuel my body enough to continue to put on the miles necessary for training. While it's still early, I hope I can find the right balance between staying healthy, eating enough and fueling myself for longer runs and more miles.

We'll find out soon enough I guess. I'll continue to capture how things are going on a weekly basis in case you're interested.

Happy running and be safe out there.

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