Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodbye to 2013

It's unlikely I'll be wearing any other bibs in the coming months so I figured I'd take the time now and look back on the year. Being an engineering dork though, I always have to comb through the numbers...

Miles1,5751,613 (to date)
# of runs166137
Time275.5327.5 hrs
Elevation Gain    77,600 ft       141,397 ft

I'm not sure I buy all that data. How do you run more miles over more hours and burn fewer calories? Run backwards? How about that elevation though?! Holy sh$t. Almost double the amount of climbing over last year.

I couldn't be more happy with this year. Yes it was a lot of work and yes, I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone but for the most part, had great success with everything I set my mind to. I have a quick recap of my 100-milers below along with some closing thoughts.

Black Hills 100 (race report)
I love running in South Dakota. This course has sweeping views, a well-defined trail and great aid stations. The perfect weather made for an overall strong showing and multiple course records went down. I know I could have done better at this course but I finished strong in 28:20.
34th OA, 5th AG

Hom 100 (race report)
Born out of love and hope, I created this run to support my good friend Tony and his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and it was a resounding success. That 100 miles not only raised over $7,000 but it rallied friends, family, neighbors and strangers to be a part of something special. Even though Tony lost that battle on September 19th, I will continue to honor his memory through the Hom 100 as long as these legs will let me.
26 hours, $7,000 raised for ALS

Leadville Trail 100 (DNF) (race report)
Winning an entry to the 'Race Across the Sky' was never in my plans but thanks to Strava and those friends who nominated me, I got the opportunity to run some legendary trails and become a part of Leadville family. Despite timing out of the race at mile 60, I am proud to say I did my best and had a great experience.

Mogollon Monster 100 (race report)
I can think of no better way to end my year with a home-grown race right here in my own back yard. A true spectacle of mother nature, this course showcases everything that is rugged and beautiful here in Arizona. Given it was just added as a qualifier for Hardrock should clue you in on how challenging this course really is. One of my most memorable finishes after 33.5 hours.
14th OA, 6th AG

Zane Grey (DNS)
Who would have known that shingles in adults under/near the age of 40 is actually pretty common? That's what it took to bring me down and end my race day before it even began. I had a blast though helping crew for the Phoenix boys. After doing the Mogollon Monster though, I'm not sure I want to go back for this :)

San Tan Scramble 50k (race report)
Being my home course, I was clearly stoked for this race. This was also the first year of the new course that incorporated the Dynamite Trail making for a much improved course that mentally allowed you to conquer Goldmine 3 times, rather than 6. The heat (for this time of year) definitely caught me by surprise. I battled some cramping over the last couple miles to come in with a 50k PR of 6:06.

18th OA, 5th AG
Adrenaline Night Run 65k (race report)
I will never forget the pity party I had for myself during this run. I was mad, pissed off and wanted to quit so badly. I would feel good and then feel like crap. I learned a few things about myself that night despite the warm weather and lack of enthusiasm. It solidified my mental toughness and made me realize that I'm stronger than I think I am. 8:52 later, I was more than happy to cross that finish line.

11th OA, 2nd AG

Mesquite Canyon 50 (race report)
I was not feeling great this day (due to allergies) but decided to toe the line anyway. I was literally in my car with my bib considering handing it back to Jamil...that's how crappy I felt. I had barely made it 17 miles when my vision blurred, I lost my balance and just felt crushed. It was yet another lesson in pushing through the mental barriers and sticking with it. I would finish just under 12 hours - 11:51, a 50-mile PR for me.
14th OA, 5th AG

No Regrets?
By any measure, 2013 was an epic year for me. Numerous ultras between 26.2 and 50 miles along with four 100-mile runs...I can barely believe it myself now that the season is done but there you have it - a new bar has been set and I feel good about my accomplishments. I'm thankful for my friends who have supported and encouraged me in every way along with new friends who continue to inspire me.

I want to particularly thank Jon Nelson for his support this year. He crewed and/or paced me in every single 100-mile race this year and I'm eternally grateful for his support. He is even more meticulous than I am (which has saved my ass more than once!) and a good friend (I adore his family too!)

If there is one regret I have it is the amount of time I've asked my family to give up for me to accomplish these things. My kids don't quite get it - they just know daddy's out running again. My wife however, has set her own endurance record by spending the most weekends ever as a single mom. I say that with a hint of sarcasm but it's the unfortunate truth.
Family matters most
So here's to enjoying some down time and letting my body rest. I'm looking forward to having a few beers with friends at the park or even staying up 'late' to watch SNL with my wife. No training schedule means I can revel in those few extra hours of sleep on Saturday morning :)

Thanks for reading and for following my adventures this year.

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  1. Trevor,
    As a mom who runs ultras, I see both sides of the coin. Just remember to rotate letting your wife have alone time, girl time, hubby time if she's not a runner too. She must be pretty understanding because running and training for 100's is time consuming.