Thursday, August 8, 2013

I can only freak out about one race at a time


When it comes to ultra-running and taking on 100-mile runs, I'm not sure there is such a thing as the 'calm before the storm'. Serenity and peacefulness before taking on an epic adventure either means (a) you're over-confident, (b) don't give a sh*t or (c) you're loaded and don't care about wasting your entry fee.

Because I'm none of those things, my stress meter is topped out right now.

Leadville is about a week away and the reality of drop bags, clothing choices, shoes, pacers and cut-off times has become far too real. I'm pouring over charts, elevation profiles, race reports and GPX exports in the hopes it brings me some peace but all it really does is remind me that I'm tapering and have nothing better to do.

Am I physically ready? I don't feel as prepared as I would like. My July mileage was abysmal. I may have run 100 miles.

Am I mentally ready? More so than physically. I've already done a couple 100's this spring and know what it takes to put in the time, plow through those mental blocks and keep moving for 28-30 hours.

In either case, there isn't much I can do to improve in either of these categories so I plan on letting the chips fall.

Oh, and by the way I need to start planning for the next 100-mile run I'm doing next month in Pine, AZ. I just booked a cabin for the family to come up and spend some time watching the race and playing in the high-country while I run around the Mogollon Rim like Forrest Gump.

I have not even wrapped my head around the Mogollon Monster 100 on September 28 yet. I just can't.

So while I might feel like this:

All I can do is breath deep, take a chill pill and tackle one massive undertaking at a time. Bring it.

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you!! P.S. If you need any help at Mogollion, I should be recovering from Tahoe (read: have lots of free time.)!!