Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fear is the mind-killer

For the first time in a long time, I am worried about a race.

I typically have a very even-keel approach to most races and sometimes have way too much confidence even when I shouldn't (i.e., haven't trained enough). The funny thing is that I feel like I'm ahead of the curve with my training despite some of the randomness and gaps in mileage.

Only sci-fi buffs will get the connection with this blogs title
So why all the gloom regarding Zane Grey? I think it's just the "shop talk" from everyone else...

"Oh, it's going to eat you up"

"It's sooo rocky, your feet are going to be hamburger"

"The altitude is a killer"

Though I'm not completely sure what to think at this point, I do know that I've been up to this area (at least part of the Mogollon 100 route which I though was part of the Zane Grey route...) Either way, I don't remember it being that crazy. I was however, in peak condition prior to Lean Horse so that may skew my perception.

I'll be heading up there on Saturday to see if my memory is good or if I blocked out all the elevation. It will be a good gauge on what to expect and where I'm at.

Either way, I've had a good week and feel really strong. I'll be close to 70 miles and roughly 5-6,000' of climbing. Not too shabby, but still work to do as I prepare for the Mesquite Canyon 50 here in a couple weeks.

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