Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pushing, training and falling

I feel like I'm pushing more than ever before. I can't really say why, but the difference in my abilities from last year to this year is noticeable.

To me, noticeable means:

  • I'm running faster (avg. 8:15 pace) over short-to-mid-range distances (8-10 miles)
  • I'm running longer without stopping/walking
  • I'm running more hills/elevation without maxing my heart rate
I'm extremely positive about these improvements and it gives me a little more mojo to keep pushing even more!

I have been keeping a food journal since Monday and trying to be more conscientious of the calories I eat (I'm up 10 pounds since Leanhorse back in August). My feeling is that it will be much easier to run if I can drop a few pounds over the next month or so (...and NO, it's not a diet! It's called watching what you eat...)

I'm excited to see the improvements I can make once I've lost some weight...

Ragnar is coming up next week...I'm getting pretty excited about that. We have an ultra team so the pace, dynamic and distance will be very different than last time (with 2 vans and 12 people). 

It's a little over 50k in 24 hours...though, I'd rather just run it and get it over with. But that is the uniqueness of Ragnar. Run 13 miles, get in the van and wait. Run 15 miles, get in the van and wait....you get the idea.

Run, eat, sleep (if you can) and repeat (is their motto).

We have a good group of folks and I'm looking forward to the usual race-day stuff. Ragnar is fun, crazy and visually cuckoo given all the costumes and freaked-out runners.

One final note. I fell yesterday during my morning run. Embarrassed and humbled to be sure...then again, it's 5:30 am, dark (yes, I had my head lamp) but those rocks just jump out of no where :) Only my left knee, forearm and pride were dinged up...

[graphic photo below]
Gear head - lamp (top) and Contour camera (side)

It looks worse than it is...

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  1. Thanks for checking in with me. Good for you getting up early and getting your runs in. Keep it up!