Monday, July 2, 2012

Davenport Vacation

It certainly doesn't feel like a week has gone by since completing the Black Hills 100k. It's hard to gauge time when you're in this semi-state of work and vacation like we were last week. While my recovery has included a couple runs and some minor stretching, I have not been able to stay in my normal routine and have some things lingering that hopefully, will go away with time.

Starting today however, it's not about me or running. It's about spending time with my family. Putting the electronics away and having a good time with my wife and kids.

We're taking off from Rapid City today and driving east through South Dakota and eventually arriving in Minot, ND on July 4th. Yes, I have the entire trip planned out like Clark W. Griswold but my agenda is just to enjoy it.

That it, unless North Dakota is closed when we get there....

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