Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's been a very productive and exciting 2 weeks for me in regards to training and personal health issues.

Let's start at the root of all things -

The allergies, sinus and general fatigue have virtually disappeared and allowed me to get back on schedule with training (and life for that matter). I love getting back to the feeling of actually wanting to go run and not being held back by the fear of getting sick or succumbing to nature.

I've developed a health regiment in the last 2 weeks that seems to be working well. The true test was a recent business trip...I *always* get sick during travel. Whether it's the petri-dish environment of the airplane or my attempts at staying active while on the road. In either case, I'm back from travelling, got in my required mileage and am feeling great (e.g., not sick).

I've already mentioned this in previous posts but there are 3 products that I would highly recommend for anyone training for a marathon (or longer):

While certainly not quantitative by any means, these 3 products have not only boosted my overall health (MultiV) but aided with longer runs (OptygenHP) and recovery (Vitargo). I have easily made the jump in mileage (~30 miles per week to 50 miles per week) without any fatigue or sickness. I'm very happy with these and am recommending them to everyone I know. The only downside...they're expensive. Fortunately, I have resources that assist with that part of it :)

Thanks for checking in!

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