Friday, March 2, 2012

A weekend off

It is not very often that I "let" myself take a weekend off from running - especially the week before a race. I should be out on the trail about now doing my long run for the week. But I'm not. I pride myself in knowing my body and right now, it's yelling at me...asking for a break.

Rewind to Tuesday.

I had run a half marathon that morning and was feeling surprisingly good. I had a little trouble making it out of bed Wednesday morning for my run so I resolved to take off work a little early and get my mileage done before dinner time.

Wednesday afternoon it was warm, but not overly hot. Still, I left about 3:15 and began knocking out another 13.1 miles. Damn, I felt good. My pace was even faster than the day before and things were going great. There was a point when I felt like I was going to hurl but I figured it was just the heat combined with being hungry.

Turns out it was something more.

I honestly can't say for sure what it was but between the time I left for my run and the time I sat down for dinner 2.5 hours later, something caused me to blow chunks. I'd like to blame it on old Blue Cheese dressing but I was feeling weird even before sitting down to dinner.

I did not eat anything that night - well, I did eat but it didn't stay down. Not even water.

So here we are at Friday and I am feeling 75% and dehydrated. Still.

Besides, the family is heading to Greer Lodge (Greer, AZ) this weekend for some tubing and sledding - I would hate to be run down and sick while I'm supposed to be having fun with my kids.

Have a good weekend. Run hard, run long and have some fun!

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