Thursday, January 12, 2012

It may not be pretty...

Over the last week, I've had mixed emotions about still participating in the PF Chang Marathon on Sunday (my birthday no less). If I have ever been under-trained and so inadequately prepared for a race, it would be now. The combination of the holidays and a sinus infection has essentially squashed all of my training and left me soft around the edges leading up to my next two races.

My total mileage over the last 2 weeks has been under 20 miles. Some of you might say, "Great taper!". I say "phewey". I still don't feel 100% healthy and yet the few runs I've done in the last couple days have brought back some much needed confidence.

Besides, I'm not one to quit - never have, never will. So even if it means walking or crawling, I'll finish the PF Chang Marathon this Sunday. After that, I'm going to let my kids treat me to their version of a post-race massage (e.g., walking all over my back) and my birthday dinner. Giddy'up.

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