Friday, January 6, 2012

Antibiotics to the rescue (again)

Is it really too much to ask that I stay healthy for more than 6 weeks at a time? This pattern of recurring sickness is just pissing me off. I've been down and out for about a week and a half now - feeling so-so, tired, pressure in my face and just generally crappy. Not enough to prevent me from doing housework or taking down Christmas lights but enough to  know that I shouldn't be running (hell, a brisk walk up the stairs leaves me winded).

So I went to my doctor yesterday.


One, I'm tired of feeling crappy and two, I have to travel next week. The idea of getting on a plane already feeling sh*tty isn't very appealing.

I'm trying my very best to stay focused on finishing this process I started with my ear, nose and throat (ENT) several months back. First, we're trying some stronger allergy and steroid nasal sprays. Those seem to be helping some of the symptoms and balancing out my ears. Second, I'm undergoing allergy testing to see if there are specific things I'm having a reaction to. Lastly, there are likely treatments I can undergo over time that will desensitize me to the allergens that are causing my sinus/ear imbalance.

It seems like a long process though and I'm starting to think it's a bunch of woo-ha. In terms of preventing sickness every 6-8 weeks, it's done nothing. I'm starting to think getting tubes in my ears would be easier and more effective.

So here's to antibiotics! Pop 'em if ya got 'em...

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