Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stretching myself

I haven't posted much in a while because honestly there isn't much going on except trying to ramp my mileage and consecutive-days-per-week-running schedule. It's always a delicate balance between life (family), wellness and motivation. I'm finding it again but trying not to be overly-selfish with the time. The kids have more stuff going on lately and are coming up on fall break...

For the first time in a long time I've gotten several runs back-to-back (including today). It feels pretty good but it's also a good reminder that sometimes endurance is not how far you can go in one run, but how many days in a row you can go the same long distance. This is both a physical and mental challenge.

I've had a few questions on how my bout with Meralgia Paresthetica (MP) has been doing...the truth is that I haven't posted much because it's doing quite well. I still have some lingering effects but it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Here are the primary stretches I've been doing along with rolling out my IT band...

I do a variation where the right shin is pressing flat on the  floor and the foot is pointed backwards, but this version also gets the job done. Make sure to focus on pushing the corner of the hip towards the floor. You should feel the stretch from where your belt would rest down through the top of the thigh and even into the quad.

This is just a good stretch overall for runners. You should feel this stretch  in the quads and wrap around to your gluts. Like the picture shows, clasp your hands behind the knee and pull towards your chest. The more you pull, the better the stretch

I hope all is well with you out there. Fall is in the air here in Arizona and it's a great time to be running. More and more folks are out on the road these days preparing for the fall and winter line-up. A couple events I'm looking forward to are (1) Ironman Arizona and (2) PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon.

I have a buddy competing in IMAZ and I'll be crewing and volunteering at the race this year rather than participating. He's an accomplished cyclist and runner but has never done a full Ironman. I'm excited for him to get this notch in his racing belt.

And then there's the PF Change Marathon - 35,000+ people racing the super-flat course during the Arizona winter...it's a beautiful run, well organized and all around a good time. I'll trying for a PR again this year but overall just looking to have some fun.

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Keep it up Trevor. Glad to hear you are holding up so far. Good work.