Monday, January 10, 2011

Running, interrupted

One of the hardest things for an athlete to do sometimes is to stop. As in, stop everything...and take a break. In previous posts, I'd commented on how tired and lethargic I had been. To this day, I honestly don't know what it was. I had no energy. I felt weird in the head (yes, yes...let the jokes fly). It was even difficult to muster up the energy to just think about running let alone lace up the shoes and make it out the door.

So what was it? Who knows. Plenty of theories though.

#1: Fatigue - I'm tired plain and simple. I've been training for something for over a year now. It might be time to reassess the race calendar for 2011.

#2: Illness - The colder weather here in Arizona (yes, cold means below freezing!) may have brought about a slight head cold.

#3: Stress - The post-holiday let down crept up on me. Hosting family, trying to keep the mileage up and generally dealing with work may have contributed.

#4 Nutrition - Holiday and post-holiday saw a step back in nutrition (go figure). Processed foods and cookies are generally not the staples of all-stars.

Who knows. Perhaps it's all mental.

Thankfully, for whatever reason Sunday turned out to be a great new day and any feeling of fatigue and despair were gone. Perhaps it was not running for a week. Maybe even having a few beers and watching Jim Carrey do the Black Swan on SNL (HI-larious). Whatever happened, I was pleased to get out and have a nice run.

Who can say.

All I know is that I'm back to feeling good, not tired and looking to do the best I can this coming weekend in the PF Chang marathon. I'm not sure if my original goals will hold up due to the absence of any long distance runs but I'll give a shot and see how it turns out.

Next this week - product reviews!

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