Friday, September 10, 2010

Artful negotiation

I remember thinking about a really good blog topic on my long (17 mile) run yesterday morning but I can't for the life of me remember what the heck it was. I'm sure it would have been nostalgic, insightful and a pure joy to behold...if only my mind was focused on blogging and not the pain in my legs and calves.

I was scheduled to do 19 but around mile 15 I really wanted to stop and walk a bit. My mind was telling me to keep going but my legs and hips we're screaming at me to walk. Now I don't mind walking during a run, but experience has shown that after mile 13, the likelihood that my mind and body will both agree to continue moving  at the same pace is pretty unlikely.

So I resorted to some clever negotiation - I told myself that I could stop and walk a bit, BUT I had to finish the entire 19 miles. Option #2, was to keep running (even though I wanted to stop) and knock out 17 miles.

Monte, I'll take door #2.

I mean, really - will 2 miles make a difference in my overall training this week? Not likely. Do I feel any worse completing 17 miles rather than 19? Not really. My quads and calves ache just the same.

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