Friday, June 18, 2010

A Sleep Crime

It's a crime that my body no longer recognizes the phrase "sleeping in".

I purposefully did my long swim yesterday afternoon so that I could reep the benefits of a nice relaxing morning of sleeping in. But here I am blogging at 5:15 am on Friday morning...

Still happy that I can now take this day off from training. Even more happy that I have a massage this afternoon.

It's been a good week for training - I've pushed myself to places I thought I couldn't or wasn't ready to go.

Cycling - 35 miles
Swimming - 3 total miles (1.2 TT, 1.8 long)
Running - 13 total miles (6 miles @ 9:37 pace, 7 miles @ 9 pace)

I'm happy with that showing even though the volume of workouts as high as they normally are.

Looking forward to mixing up the workouts starting next week. Headed to the Black Hills of South Dakota to visit family and friends...going to definitely get some hill workouts and trail running to make things interesting.

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