Monday, May 3, 2010

I changed my mind

After some careful consideration, I've decided that this is the week I will start running again. Given my schedule in June and July, I felt that putting it off another couple weeks just didn't make sense. After all, I am still signed up to do the Lake Steven's 70.3 in August as my first race of the season. I need to get crack-a-lackin' for that...

Believe it or not, this is a big deal for me for several reasons - primarily, I'm afraid of what will happen when I start running again. Plantar faciitis is not just something that 'goes away'...I still feel the tightness in my arches every once and a while just walking up the stairs. So I'm not even sure if you'd classify this week's activities as even running but rather, a-very-tentative-and-cautious-attempt-at-jogging-at-a-faster-than-normal-pace-in-the-hopes-I-don't-hurt-myself...

Also, I am going to start using my new Newton shoes. Because I haven't run in over 6 months, I figured it was as good a time as any to re-invent my running technique and form. Newtons encourage mid-strike running which takes all the pressure off the heel and therefore should prevent any future flare-ups or pain because of my normal heel-striking. But then again, with all the pressure on the ball of your foot, you are still stretching the plantar facii area out which I'm sure is going to aggravate it. Which will then aggravate me.

Got back on the bike this morning which felt really good. First time in a week since "The Incident". I'm glad that the temps are going to start warming up again - I've been wearing my ear covers, arm warmers and gloves for rides the last couple week. Any time you produce more phlegm than sweat (like this morning), you know it's a chilly ride.

20 miles in 1:06 - a good start to a great week.

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