Friday, April 30, 2010

Calm before the storm

I am still surprised how much my 'spill' took out of me this week. Despite taking Wednesday morning off (planned), I could not for the life of me pull myself out of bed on Thursday morning to go for my scheduled bike ride.

You're probably thinking that I have post-traumatic-bike-accident-disorder or something. That I flinch at the first sign of construction lights. No, no that's not it. I was just flat out tired. Body bruised, shin throbbing and my hand clenched in a ball due to the tightening scab that's starting to form (yes, delightful).

I managed to go to the gym yesterday afternoon to try and get in some weights. Pssh - what was I thinking? I couldn't lift a thing or put any kind of pressure on my right hand. Well, let's see...what CAN I do? Stretching, (upper) abs, Stair Master, (lower) abs, more stretching, more Stair Master and more abs...not a bad workout actually.

This morning was long swim day. In the past, I've loathed long-swim-day. Every age-grouper like me has that one part of their tri's that they just suck at...mine was swimming. I can say that in the past tense now because after taking months off to heal my feet, I spent that time in the pool drilling, floating and breathing. I love long swim days now.

I cranked out 3250 yards (1.8 miles) in about 50 minutes. Tired, but feels good.

I do not have a long bike ride this weekend either. This is my rest week at the end of the month (I'll have to start timing all my bike accidents during rest week!). Things pick up next week again with high-intensity bike and swim workouts. Since I can't lift, I'm going to have to mix in more cross-training and core workouts (which are never a bad thing). I'm also going to delay my running start for another couple weeks to make sure the feet are 110%.

Can't believe that April is already in the bag. See you next week.

205 days and counting...

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